The FIMTRAC® team are the acknowledged experts in designing and delivering programmes which significantly increase finance penetration, for automotive manufacturers and their dealers.

F&I – Finance and Insurance

Whether you’re targeting consumers or businesses, whether you sell cars or commercial vehicles, you’ll not only want to sell more, you’ll want to keep your customers coming back.

Key to increasing profits and repeat business are finance and insurance. At FIMTRAC, we are experts in helping automotive manufacturers and their dealerships improve profits through F&I penetration – selling more cars, more often and more profitably.

How do we do this? We work closely with you, to design and deliver learning and development programmes to suit your needs. Your people may be familiar with finance, but need to improve their knowledge and skills; your people may be new to vehicle finance, working in countries where finance is a fledgling industry.

How will you know we’ve succeeded? We measure business results, in terms of increased sales and better people performance.

Why are we good at this? We’ve been doing this for more than 15 years, and we know your business – all our designers and trainers have either worked for automotive manufacturers, their finance subsidiaries, or in the dealer network.

TCM – Trade Cycle Management

TCM, or trade cycle management, is an across-the-brand strategy for managing the change frequency of vehicles for your customers through their finance arrangements.

Why is TCM good for customers? It makes a new car affordable and creates the opportunity to drive a new car more often.

Why is TCM good for your automotive business? It creates an opportunity to build a meaningful relationship with your customers, and of course this leads to loyalty, sales and increased profit.

Why is TCM good for the brand? Selling more vehicles, more often, more profitably is a huge promise, but having all of the dealers aligned to this goal is achieved through an effective TCM programme.


If your business is experiencing high finance penetration, but has issues with converting renewal leads into concrete sales, you are not alone.

Many automotive dealerships have only partially effective trade cycle management, because while they focus successfully on selling finance, they fall short when it comes to converting renewal opportunities into repeat business.

At FIMTRAC, we can help you make the most of renewal opportunities.

How do we do this? By equipping dealerships and sales people with the skills and processes they need to ensure their customers are managed successfully at the point of change.

B2B – Business to Business

B2B, or business to business, sales have consistently delivered returns for automotive brands.

But can a retail dealership be successful in the business market? Yes, if they have the right support, the proper development and the best people dedicated to managing this channel.

When dealers, or brand B2B teams, have the right ingredients and support they are consistently successful.

How can we help? We work with your sales people, so they learn to speak the right language, think like a business customer and develop a quality, bespoke service aimed directly at businesses.

We do this by providing training, development, mentoring and online support to ensure the success of your teams in mining this rich seam of business opportunity.


Supporting your team with the knowledge and experience we have at FIMTRAC will help them make the most of their time, their opportunities and ultimately their effectiveness as fleet experts.

In a specialist market such as fleet sales there are three clear steps to our brand support:

  • Induction training and support
  • Ongoing mentoring and development
  • Delivering new initiatives

Whenever you need industry experts to support and develop your teams, FIMTRAC is here to help.

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