Used car annual conference

We’re delighted to once again be presenting at the annual Auto Retail Network conference – and this time the focus is on used cars.

Our Managing Director Malcolm Miller will be among the guest speakers for the one-day event in Birmingham on April 25 and the focus of his talk will be ‘recruiting, motivating and rewarding’.

“Used car sales is one of the most ruthless areas for staffing in a franchised retail environment,” said Malcolm. “With higher basic, lower commission pay schemes beginning to take hold in new cars, is it time to look at this for used cars? To recruit and reward great people we need to re-evaluate the traditional commission-based pay structure”

Malcolm’s talk will challenge the industry to take on board the fact that to attract a new pool of talent we should consider a new approach. He said: “A new generation of staff have different aspirations to simply earning a good income!”

We’re really looking forward to the event and helping to change some perceptions about used cars and their place in the automotive sector.

As the experts at Auto Retail Network put it, the performance of used car sales operations is often the primary differentiator between a ‘top’ retailer and an average one. And in an environment of falling new car sales, every used car department needs to up its game if auto retailers are to thrive in 2018.

In a challenging market where used car sales are increasingly important to auto retailers, competition is fiercer than ever. Attention is therefore turning to this vital area of the business, one which might previously have escaped close scrutiny, and where senior directors together with their management teams are under increasing pressure to improve performance.

If you would like to chat to the RTS Group team about used cars and improving the performance of a used car operation, please get in touch.


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