Driving that is the company car tax and road fund licence incentives, coupled with the ongoing purchase subsidy and of course people’s desire to reduce their impact on the environment through fossil fuels.

“As with any new technology there is a learning curve for dealers and their customers to go through – The importance of the handover is now paramount” says Malcolm Miller, Managing Director of Learning Agency RTS Group “I am now a driver of a plug in hybrid and there is a lot of room for misunderstanding of the various products and that could rapidly turn into dissatisfaction with the brand”

Motorway charging network Ecotricity Manging Director Simon Crowfoot said “There is still a lot of misunderstanding of the various technologies that manufacturers offer – many of our customers are not fully informed of how to charge and the do’s and don’ts – this has to be a shared responsibility between us and the car brands”

Installing a charge point at home or the office is the key to most customers’ experience and the need for a full and clear handover.

“As more brands begin to enter the market place with different power technologies their salespeople need to be fully informed – not just a 10 minute training presentation but a full understanding of the ins and outs of charging and driving so that excellent customer support can be given is needed” said Miller.

So as a senior manager or business owner what steps can you take to tackle terrorism in your organisation?

Clearly the brands that have offered Electric and Hybrid Cars are getting it right with Nissan and Lexus scoring high in the satisfaction stakes with 95% of Nissan LEAF drivers saying they would recommend purchase to a friend and Electric / Hybrid cars featuring in the top ten of the Driver Power 2016 Autoexpress survey.

But as Crowfoot says “ We are still a the start of this revolution and educating the customer is going to be key to the future success of the market”


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