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Our Insights

Here at RTS Group, we have 30 years of experience in training and developing for long-term career success. These are our insights into the key topics, issues and discussion surrounding Learning & Development today.

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Engage Senses, Trigger Emotions, Boost Memory: How immersive video tricks your memory into remembering more

Video content is a key component in any digital learning solution. The sound and visuals are ideally suited to utilise the brain's processing capabilities, boosting memory and information retention.

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Learning on Demand: The Long Impact of Covid-19 on L&D in the Automotive Industry

Providing learning on demand with digital and virtual solutions was a critical shift for the automotive sector in 2020. The dramatic shifts in work routines and environments since the start of the global pandemic has forced businesses to rethink how workplace learning and development takes place.

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Successfully Leading Change: 8 Steps to Drive Your Business into the Future

Continuous change has always been and will always be a human constant. Rather than fearing this status quo, businesses leading change can set themselves on the path to future success.

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Training is Dead: Long Live Blended Learning

If training is such an integral part of personal and job role development, why do results not meet expectations? How can blended learning bridge this divide?

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Learning & Development Trends 2021

How will the lessons of the COVID-19 Pandemic impact learning experiences in the future? These are the Learning Trends to pay attention to in 2021.

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