Blended Learning

Blended Learning

When you find a blended learning solution that’s right for you and your people, our multi-talented studio team have the in-house capability to make it happen. We design, develop and implement both bespoke digital assets and face-to-face, data-led learning experiences that embody your brand and vision.

Not all solutions fit into a particular box though, so if you’ve had an idea for a project, get in touch.

Nothing is off the table. If you dream it, we can (usually) make it!

We’re always exploring and prototyping, so keep an eye out for what’s next in L&D from RTS. Here’s a taste of what we already offer.


We also like to use the term ‘digital learning experiences’.

eLearning no longer means text and next. We cover everything from branching scenarios to microlearning to creating assets that are unique to your needs.

We use a variety of software and have extensive experience integrating with learning management systems (LMS) and experience platforms – or we can code from scratch.

If you can dream it, we can make it.

Digital Twins & 3D Spaces

With hybrid working now common place, organisations are looking for more sustainable approaches to recreate a real-world experience and environment for learning.

Walk, talk and share information as you would in your live workspace.

Research shows that digitally recreating a twin of your physical environment can increase memory retention by up to 10%.

Hybrid Workshops

Hybrid workshops are face-to-face sessions led by a trainer who uses digital assets to enhance the learning experience.

This can involve anything from video tagging exercises to bring scenarios to life, to branching scenarios and board games.

Just as tech influences our day-to-day lives, we have found people and businesses value the benefits of an in-person session, using digital assets to turbopower engagement with the learning.

App & Web Design

From native apps through to progressive website design, our super sharp learning tech team can conceptualise, design and build bespoke platforms to provide an intuitive user interface and enhanced learning experience.

App and web design is particularly useful when used for reinforcement, social interaction, and campaigns.

Plus, built-in data tracking as standard provides invaluable insight to identify future needs and inform the direction of learning programmes.

Graphic Design & Animation

Our Graphic Designers add their touch to almost all the digital assets created by the Studio team. You can be sure of a high-quality look and feel across your learning assets, as well as consistency across your entire blended learning programme.

Our talented graphic designers are adept at creating a range of different styles to suit different needs and brand identities.

Animations can bring an explanation of complex ideas or processes to life and make learning easier to digest.

From simple slide shows to motion graphics, 3D animations with voiceover, music or sound effects – the world is your oyster in the hands of the RTS Studio team.

Virtual classrooms (VCT) & ‘As Lives’

VCTs combine the best aspects of classroom training with the convenience of an online, real-time virtual learning platform. Our VCTs are a popular way to execute learning programmes for a busy nationwide network of teams who can’t meet for a face-to-face event.

Alternatively, if it’s a challenge to get enough delegates to book at the same time for a VCT, we have recently developed our coveted ‘As Live’ programme. ‘As Lives’ are a cost-effective way to provide extra flexibility for your team to complete their training.

A pre-recorded, simulated training session is delivered by a facilitator and the delegate has to complete activities in real-time. There is simulated chat box activity and questions are routed via your preferred method (e-mail or type form), so the delegate looks and feels as though they are participating in a live VCT.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Bring subjects to life with interactive ways to learn, prepare and practice for real-life scenarios. Use these to enhance the live environment or when it’s not available.

Augmented reality (AR) takes aspects of the real world and alters it, such as overlaying an instruction or description to an object to boost understanding of an environment.

Mixed reality (MR) is the merging of real and virtual worlds to produce new environments that co-exist in real time.

Virtual reality (VR) is a simulated experience that can be similar to, or completely different from the real world.

Video, Live Broadcasts & Podcasts

Video, live broadcasts and podcasts can cater to a variety of different needs and deliver huge impact to your comms strategy.

From ideation to implementation, we cover the whole process including planning, scripting and production.

Examples include branching videos, promo trailers, leadership or thought leadership interviews, and more.

At RTS we have our own fully equipped green screen studio for those times when being on location is not possible, as well as partnerships with full media production studios around the country for live TV broadcasts.

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