Giving greater insight into your learning materials.

Intel seamlessly links up with our assets and solutions to give greater insight into how they are performing and how learners are interacting with them. ‚Äč

This valuable insight can be used to enable continuous improvement across your learning materials and inform future learning requirements and design.

Provided as standard

We know how important meaningful data and insight are to provide impactful learning, which is why Intel is offered as part of all the solutions we provide.

Intel is supported at all stages of your learning journey by our talented team of Learning Technologists, Data Analysts, and Solutions Architects, to ensure you get the insight you need. 


We’ll utilise existing Intel data to aid the design and development of solutions, taking into consideration a broad range of metrics, including past performance, asset type and audience preference.


Once the solution has been rolled out, the assets are monitored for a pre-determined duration, ensuring sufficient time is available for a baseline level of data to establish.

Review & analysis

Results are reviewed and analysed by our dedicated team of Data Analysts who produce powerful, easy-to-read visualisations to identify key trends and areas for continuous improvement.


With the support of our Solutions Architects, we work in partnership with you to provide proactive, evidence-based recommendations to guide you in your next steps.

This ensures your learning assets remain impactful and relevant.

Ready to hear more?

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