On Demand

On Demand is a hosting platform, designed to distribute eLearning, video and imagery to your learners. Assign learning courses, formal education materials, or simply share your knowledge.

Mix eLearning, videos, quizzes, leaderboards and assessments in an affordable hosting platform, complete with in-built tracking and analytics.

Need a simple way to assign learning? Target specific people with easy-to-use visibility controls.

Whether you’re an organisation of 10 or 10,000, On Demand seamlessly fits with your learning environment.

Do you push all learning through an LMS? On Demand can provide additional functionality and report directly into your existing system.

Not big enough to need an LMS? On Demand can pull the same level of data and insights from your learners as you would from an LMS, all while providing a great user experience.





eLearning hosting


Responsive interface

Image hosting

Video hosting

Completion certificates

Progress tracking



Instant messaging


Custom branding

Content drip



Admin support





Create courses learners will love!

Provide learners with a library of eLearning and supporting video and images, instantly accessible across desktop, tablet and smartphone. Scoring and completion is automatically logged and available through a variety of leaderboard styles.

Materials can be mandatory or optional, enabling you to add supporting content for your audience. Plus, with everything stored in cloud, learners can access and revisit them at any time.

And don’t worry about security – all information is stored in UK datacentres compliant with over 90 certifications, including GDPR and ISO 27001.

Keep your courses up-to-date with unlimited updates. Publish changes in realtime, ensuring learners always have the most up-to-date information. ​

Elevate your content with an array of mixed media including images, video, audio, quizzes, forms, downloads and iFrames. Learners can revist at any time once courses are completed, accessing all their notes and results instantly.

Easy to upload

eLearning, video and imagery can be uploaded and published quickly and easily within the powerful content management system. Simply create the course, add the content and assign it to the learners.

Better engagement​

Blended learning strategies with media rich assets are essential to drive engagement within any L&D strategy.

From the start, On Demand was designed to encourage learners to interact with the course content and the supporting tools, by presenting a simplified design.

Greater visibility & analytics​

On Demand is engineered to give you useful data and insights to aid with learner evaluation. The reporting module allows you to keep a record of module completion and scoring, alongside other useful metrics.

Access anywhere, anytime

Learning content can be accessed without any specialist apps, devices and plugins, making it truly accessible to everybody, when they need it most.

Annual pricing plans



Plus £2,500 one-off setup fee.



Plus £1,000 one-off setup fee.



Free setup!

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