Data Insight

Gaining insights into the future learning needs of your business enables you to not only react but to predict what learners will need to know. This means we can create and deliver solutions that we know meet the needs of both the learners and the business, and not what we believe they want.​

At the start of any project involving data insight, we will engage with your business in several ways, utilising focus groups, forums, and surveys, as well as creating open collaborative spaces using your different technological solutions to capture feedback. The output from these sessions is combined with our sector experience and data intelligence engine to provide insight which will enable us to create, evolve and futureproof the solution. ​

Our Data Insight service is currently available across a range of our digital learning solutions, including: eLearning, App & Web Design, 3D Spaces, Augmented & Virtual Reality, and on Bespoke Digital Creations. Additionally, insight is available for Explore, Learn, and On Demand.