Digital Media

Digital learning media can come in many forms and this will continue to expand as new approaches and media types are developed over time. At RTS Group, we are early adopters for new learning media and technology advancements.

Our digital learning media offering includes:

  • 2D and 3D Animation Videography, including studio, on-location and chroma key (or greenscreen)
  • Alterative realities including Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality eLearning including micro eLearning assets, simulation-based eLearning and digital learning experiences
  • Gamification based learning
  • Customer focussed branching scenarios (using video, photo or voice based scenarios)
  • Collaborative learning apps and platforms (i.e. Ask the Expert, Peer to Peer learning)
  • Mobile learning
  • Live virtual sessions (Zoom, Adobe Connect etc)
  • Interactive PDFs
  • ‘How to’ video banks

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