Lexus UX 300e Live Feed Event

RTS was briefed by Lexus UK to create a retailer training programme for the new Lexus UX 300e which was due in showrooms in March 2021.

We had initially planned to create a live stream event from a studio and broadcast a series of live and pre-recorded short films to the retailer network on particular days and times. However, with COVID-19 playing havoc on all our lives, both client and supplier deemed it was too risky under the circumstances to operate in a studio-based environment with the infection rate rising.

After some lengthy deliberation, a change in tack was decided to deliver the same type of event/ broadcast, however with it being completely virtual with no face-to-face contact, not even between the presenters! This gave us a challenge we had never come across before, a remote learning event run in a pre-record and live capacity!

With a lot of careful planning, a broadcast team based in London, a team based in Chippenham and the presenters in their homes, we managed to bring the project together – oh and the need for a very strong internet connection was always at the forefront of our minds!

RTS brought the entire project together to include: delegate invite journey (bespoke registration system), complete content creation and overall delivery including entire project management in a turnkey solution.

With a different approach to online learning but with a 95% attendance and engagement rate from all 500 invited delegates, the job was a success – and that’s a wrap!