Lexus Europe Learning Journeys

In order to invest in their people, Lexus Europe created a Retailer Certification Programme based on the Japanese martial arts learning concept called ‘SHU HA RI’, which covers topics such as Lexus values, brand heritage, their core product, how to have an Omotenashi mindset and how to deliver the Lexus Experience for customers.

These topics are hugely important to the Lexus brand, and the ‘SHU’ element of the programme was delivered in 2020 with ongoing development of the ‘HA’ element being a focus for Lexus Europe and RTS in early to mid-2021.

Our partnership with Lexus Europe grew due to our creativity and approach to the certification programme design. We have been responsible for creating the learning content that supports and delivers the SHU HA RI programme for all Lexus commercial colleagues since the inception of the programme.

The content we created, designed and tailored has helped Lexus commercial colleagues in all roles, including Sales, Service and Management positions, become more successful and competent. When scoping content, we ensure that all resources are built with an end-user in mind and are focused on changing the behaviours and values of the audiences to match those of the Lexus Europe Omotenashi mindset and the overall customer experience vision.

A range of digital resources, courses and assessments have been developed for the Lexus Europe SHU HA RI strategy so far, utilising our in-house creative and design capability. We continue to deliver on this project throughout 2021.