Lexus UK Hybrid Leadership Digital Event

Lexus tasked us with creating a 1-day Electrification Experience event in a central location for 1200+ learners around their ‘Hybrid Leadership’ brand direction. The original design concept was a day on a series of ‘Crystal Maze’ style challenges in small teams, making them highly practical, creative, and memorable for the dealer network.

Due to the impact and restrictions of COVID-19, this solution had to be adjusted onto a digital platform taking the event online. With the rescope and design we kept the creative approach in the solution by keeping the competitive concept of the original designs, while also ensuring the design remained practical and useful for the learners.

Through extensive scoping during the design phase of the project, we chose topics and approaches that targeted the areas that the Lexus dealer network had the most need for development. To keep learners interested in a purely digital solution, we approached the content in a creative way by using a gamification approach. We created a series of different modules which we called ‘Missions’, each with different ‘Challenges’ to complete.

These challenges offered rewards recorded on a live national leaderboard to make it competitive between the dealer network. Each challenge could be attempted multiple times by the learners to improve their score, using the classic gamification approach of getting the highest score and getting a higher spot on the leaderboard. This approach helped to drive learner engagement and ultimately improved the target audiences’ knowledge around each of the key topics and the Electrification strategy of Lexus UK.