Automotive Customer Experience Programme

A leading automotive brand tasked us to design and deliver an engaging and sustainable customer service programme with innovative and forward-thinking training methods and tools.

We designed and delivered a selection of hybrid workshops, face-to-face sessions with digital assets to enhance the learner experience, heighten engagement and ease the transfer of learning into the live environment. These digital assets can also be used separately as reinforcement activities after the initial learning event.

We created polls and quizzes, with questions set at varying levels of difficulty, for the trainers to use throughout the workshops. This gives the trainer a tool to evaluate the knowledge level in the room at any given time, allowing them to further personalise the sessions to the audience. Incorporated into each workshop is a summary competitive activity, using gamification techniques, to bring all the learning together from the workshop.

The programme has received rave reviews both externally and internally, with the client stating that, ‘RTS have moved their business forward, not delivering what was expected or same old, same old. They’ve shared ideas, concepts and delivered a Platinum option for training, learning and development.

Digital technology is included with a benefit, not just technology being offered for technology’s sake. The inclusion with purpose sets RTS aside from the rest.’ Delegate feedback rated the course and their ability to apply their learning to the workplace as 5/5 stars, with comments such as, ‘The training was really insightful and has given me lots of ideas to take back to my working life…’ and ‘This has changed the way we learn.’