Update Legacy Digital Learning Journey

One of our prestigious automotive clients wanted to create a full curriculum for their Fleet and Business Managers that would work within their retailers. This legacy programme had previously been delivered as three face-to-face modules over 18 months.

Our brief was to allow faster implementation using digital methods only, while keeping a premium experience for learners. Our solution was to adopt the three modules as a blended solution, each building and dovetailing into the previous one, which ensured there was a clear learning flow.

We utilised some of the previous content as well as created brand-new interactions that required full scoping with brand stakeholders. This included eLearning, virtual classrooms, animations, self-assignment and personal coaching sessions. This presented the opportunity to provide targeted feedback whilst delving into participants’ self-development and enhancing their learning retention. All content was developed by RTS from the initial scoping and design through to delivery.