Toyota Yaris Learn on Demand

A recent project where our conceptualisation expertise was tested, was the large-scale product launch for the Toyota Yaris for the UK in 2020, which required extensive scoping and then rescoping due to COVID-19.

With this project, the solution had to be altered halfway through development from a face-to-face experiential event for 1,200+ delegates, to a purely digital content-based approach. This digital content included videos, branching scenarios, bite-size eLearning modules and interactive virtual events with expert product trainers, provided by RTS.

Through having an agile approach to the development of the content, RTS delivered on the original objectives through newly developed solutions, all housed on our ‘Learn on Demand’ product which succinctly presents materials to learners in linear bite-sized pieces.

Due to the success and engagement of this platform, it has subsequently been used for the Toyota Hilux launch towards the end of 2020.

For more information on our Learn on Demand offering, check out the Learning Technology Solution page.